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Details lack IPS 4.0

I'm pretty sure there will be support for 4.0.

HQ has been developing add-ons for the Invision software for a very long time, and I don't expect them to stop now.

One can always fall back on the standard search, or use other options like Sphinx, but this certainly is a lot easier, and considering the hardware and software Google has available for searching, there is no way one could better this, plus, standard search is still available with this option....

HTH, warm regards, Wim

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Google search is not relevant to internal searching improvements.

I don't outsource to third party services on my forum. Everything is internal.

Furthermore, for websites that have private content only accessible to registered members, Google is useless.

There's nothing particularly wrong with Google CSE, but it's not a fit-all solution by any means.

The internal search system, according to IPS, is going to be overhauled in 4.0. So there's your answer.

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