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Making Poll results valuable information


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Currently it seems like polls or the results of polls are provided more for fun, then for board marketing purposes. Example, currently if I set up a poll, results are provided as a general overall poll count from members who vote. This information is not that valuable, since admins cannot determine how specific groups feel about the poll. I can respond to almost any poll on the net and receive such results, which provide no real value.

However if an admin could set up polls, knowing they can filter or receive total poll results from specific groups, assuming their groups are set up correctly, this could be extremely valuable marketing information, for marketing their board or even selling the information.

I realize if polls are made public, such information could be gathered. However many poll questions are of a more sensitive question, which requires private polls to produce more responses or more accurate responses. I can see where this type of information would be valuable for almost any type of website from business, sports, politics and gaming boards, if correctly used.

Consider this- what I am talking about is real similar to what IPS is doing with Community Suite Feedback, execpt I am suggesting being able to direct the question and filter the results at the cllick of a button. That could be extremely valuable information!

I would even consider a donation to have it added to 4.0 :smile:, probably to late though.



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