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Bugs in updates/new installs


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when a new update or new version is available, they always have some sort of bug that needs fixing.

I fully understand that not every issue can be caught when beta testing before releasing to the public.

What I don't understand is why the bugs are not fixed straight away in the current release,

for example I have just downloaded and upgraded my forum and still the registration issue is present ?

I am used to the process of upgrading my forum and then checking what issues are present, searching the ips forum for a fix.

but it gets a little frustrating at times and gets a bit old now days.

Take it from another point of view, when a new customer comes here and downloads the latest version and bugs/issues with the software have not been

fixed in the current version. its not a good start for them.

The software should be bug and issue free and you should not have to spend time sourcing fixes all the time.

all though still the best community forum software, that's why I have used it for so long.

Thank you

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I'm unclear on what you are referring to.

Firstly - which "registration issue" do you refer to? The way that is worded sounds like there's some global registration issue that is fixed but the fix is not yet released, and I'm not clear on what issue you are talking about.

Secondly, when we release a software release, issues are identified and reported. We then fix those issues and work on a maintenance release. Finally, we release that maintenance release, and the cycle repeats. This is standard for just about every software company. Your post would lead one to believe we are fixing issues and then...not releasing the fixes. This is not true. We do NOT update our client area zips with every single individual bug fix we make (we group them into maintenance releases), if that is what you mean. We have no plans to start doing that either - users are unable to keep up with whether they are running the latest version (realistically, no one would ever be on the latest release) and this causes issues with proper testing.

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