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6 month renewal, renewing IP Board 3 months in.


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On April 11th I reactivated Blogs, Gallery, and Downloads which went into a "6 month renewal". #444450.
I renewed IP Board on the 20th July @ $25 for what I thought was for 6 months. #463100. Fine.
Cool, what's not fine?
I've just handed over IPS a $15 profit for "my catchup", whereas what I want, is my 6 months for IP Board, and thus 6 months client status. Deactivate the rest, I don't care, I would just like a product I've paid for 6 months, to last for 6 months.
P.s I would put this into contributors chat, a client area, or anywhere else but feedback, however I'm a little reluctant to pay another $25 after just 3 months just to do that.

OR Have I missed something? Someone explain, thanks. :)

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As I recall:

They moved everything to a static billing schedule some time ago--everything renews at once.

They don't do prorating to prevent the possibility where people could keep one software active to be considered an 'active' client, then activate the whole suite on the last day before billing for a matter of pennies.

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Renewals for all licenses on each suite license are all grouped and expire together.

Real world example..

You renew 1/1. App renewals would be on 7/1.

If you elect not to renew one of your apps on 1/1, but renew it instead on 6/15, you'd still pay the full renewal and it would still expire with the rest of the addons on 7/1.

There was abuse occurring by clients waiting till the last day to renew at a prorated amount, pennies, downloading the latest version of all apps, then cancelling before the full renewal is due.

If you purchase a new app in the middle of a renewal cycle you only pay a prorated amount for support, but that does not apply to application renewals for apps that you elected to cancel prior to the last renewal.

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You paid to re activate the product until the next renewal cycle of your grouped suite license, not 6 months. That renewal cost, when renewing mid cycle is still full cost. As noted above, clients were abusing the system and renewing one day before their renewal was up for pennies, downloading all the software, then de-activating

If your invoice says otherwise, I encourage you to submit a ticket to account assistance.

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As has been explained, what occurred is how our system works. All renewals are grouped into a single license with a single renewal and single expiration date. If you elect to wait until half way through a renewal period before renewing a license, then you still have to pay the full renewal amount, but it will expire at the same time as the rest of your applications. This is done to prevent abuse, as explained above. Our renewal policies have been discussed many times in very great detail on these forums if you wish to look up any further information in past topics.

I apologize for any frustration this may cause. Feel free to submit a ticket in your client area for customer service if you wish to speak to a representative.

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