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HTML.Exploit.CVE_2013_3120 on ips.editor.js?


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The exploit or vulnerability referenced is in Internet Explorer itself, not in the javascript code. I assume the A/V scanner is flagging this file because it believes the javascript code would trigger the vulnerability in IE.

Edit: While I had originally suggested not to upload this file, IP.Chat does still use it.

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The thing is, this file does not contain malware. It is a false positive report by the virus scanner tool being used.

It appears at this time that only ClamAV-based anti-virus engines are reporting this as a malicious file. We have run tests with Norton, AVG and avast and none of these tools flag the file.

I have reported this as a false positive to ClamAV. I am hopeful that they will respond quickly.

In the mean time, I would suggest asking your host to unlock your account and then simply removing the file if you do not use IP.Chat.

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