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getForumList function is taking so much time

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Has anybody profiled the getForumList function before?

We have around 1200 forums, here are the speed stats

  • getForumList function itself is taking 2.3 seconds (The loop process itself is taking 1.6s)
  • array merge for $this->registry->permissions->parse is loading unnecessarily

(any of the converted perm string is not referenced, all mapped dynamically)

  • Seo name is added while creating the forum, why are we adding it again?

$f['name_seo'] = IPSText::makeSeoTitle( $f['name'] );

  • $fr['description'] => is already present in array f
  • getForumsList is the common function and being called from everywhere irrespective of fields required

For example: Board index page hardly uses 10 to 15 fields, but it fetches averything (*)

Some more stats about our forums

  • Memebers - around 80,000
  • Forums - 1200
  • Topics - 1,73,000
  • Posts - 7,23,000
  • Groups - 50
  • Moderator permissions - 8000

If anybody optimized this function before, please suggest us for speeding up the same

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