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Enabling Flag as Spammer only for members with less than n posts

Andy Badwool

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Currently, the Flag as Spammer option will appear for all accounts if it is enabled and there is no setting for it. However, my question is: Why?

After all... Spammers are the ones that show their intentions immediately. They sign up and they spam. It's not like an actual member suddenly turns into a spam bot or a human spammer. Assuming "Spam" is intended as... well.. random advertisements and external links that have nothing to do with the forum. Is this what the Flag as spammer option is intended for, right?

I've set the option to ban the user and delete all of his posts in one click. However, why do I have to see this enabled for every member (maybe risking that a moderator does something bad by accident)? What's the need for it?

Hardly a spammer will ever be able to reach more than 10 posts before getting taken care of. Or say, 20.

I think there should be an option to simple show the Flag as Spammer icon only for members with less than a certain amount of posts. I actually wonder how comes it's not there already.

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Great idea. It just happens too often that some of my moderators hit the spam button in order to stop someone from posting quickly, with the intention of temporarily stopping them, not realizing what grief they are potentially causing.

Warm regards, Wim

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