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  1. http://xwis.net/downloads/Yuri's-Revenge-Multiplayer.exe This URL gets truncated, looks like a bug.
  2. Where did that 'rule' come from? Wasn't part of your original claim. Anyway, you seem more interested in 'winning' a childish fight than in a constructive discussion. Peace out.
  3. It's not a variable, it's a separator. It's still one field, isn't it? You claimed two fields were more secure than one (combined) field. Why would a separator not be allowed in such a combined field?
  4. Ah, that's your problem. Use a separator when merging your username and password. Now the combination spells out goo|berville, goob|erville or whatever and we're back to the same strength as two separate fields.
  5. Number of possible username (length: U) / password (length: P) combinations over an alphabet of size X: X^(U+P) Number of possible passwords (length: U+P) over the same alphabet: X^(U+P) ... In general the lengths aren't known, but this generalizes to unknown lengths.
  6. That's a vague answer, can't you come up with the exact math for both cases? Is this about best-case or worst-case? Yes, best-case the user name is unknown and totally different. Worst-case, especially with recent versions, both are equal. This is about security. If you can't prove a security scheme it's unlikely to be secure. Weren't we talking about the user / pass account? You keep changing stories... Yes, a password of size 10 with 26 different chars has 26^10 possibilities. What's your point? You've still not shown that using two fields is better than using one combined field. True, my bad. If passwords were guaranteed to be strong and unique using just the password would be fine. Unfortunately that can't be guaranteed.
  7. Are the two of you really arguing that it's harder to crack "XTF|password" vs "XTF", "password"? Total length is the same and that's basically all that counts.
  8. How much more time and why? Got a reference for that? Display name defaults to user name, so user name can NOT be considered a secret. Are you asking me to prove you're wrong instead of you proving you're right? That'd make account recovery a bit hard. But in some systems a single password (without username) is indeed used, think WPA for example.
  9. Security depends on total entropy, not on the number of fields. They could as well be trying every combination of user/pass with total size <= 10 and they'd be finding your pass / word account too, wouldn't they? The effort would be equal.
  10. That's what we have display names for, don't we?
  11. The security argument is non-sense, isn't it? You might just as well add the 'secret' username to your password instead.
  12. Why does IPB still use usernames? As username seems to be used just for logins, wouldn't it be easier to use email addresses for that?
  13. Tags can't be closed out or order, can they?
  14. Still waiting for Invision to install that hook here....
  15. It might be time to move away from Invision. :(
  16. No? This is a feature request to support it. What do you mean by no?
  17. Right, so could we get any feedback from Invision about their plans?
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