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A Suggestion to IPS Marketing Department.


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As I have searched around looking for tutorial videos about IPS, mainly on Youtube I noticed there is a general lack of good videos on how to set up a website using IPS.

Although there are many written tutorials and of course the forums here is a good place to find info, I find my brain works better when I can see it.

I also believe that people looking to buy IPS would like to see videos first before they buy, so the return of creating good tutorial videos would come back many times over.

Looking on Youtube I see vBulletin has many of their own videos.

I know IPS is better than vBulletin but really in this age of Youtube marketing I would think IPS must have thought before that this is a good idea, so I am guessing it's on the back burner somewhere.

So if there is a IPS marketing department and they are wondering how to increase sales or get better exposure..........I am thinking :unsure:

What are you guys doing? lol

More people go to Youtube than any site on the net every minute of the each day.

It's a no brainer and can only help the IPS community and your sales.....unless you have enough sales .......

then forget my suggestion! :tongue:

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