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It's because you have one of the options that conserve CPU resources on your site disabled, for "topic views updated".

For correcting the topic views issue:

Log into your ACP, click on:

System Settings > Advanced > CPU Saving & Optimization

Then: Update topic views immediately (select yes)

For the "users online", I have no idea. But, put in a support ticket for that issue.

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Did you do any modification to your forum prior to that happening? Can you atry to truncate the session table btw and see if that would help?

If it will not, then as adviced above, open a ticket at your Client Center as it will take some looking into.

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I'm thinking that's what he did. Default, these features are turned off. Sometimes, with some webhost providers, they have limited resources and websites that are hosted by some webhost providers tend to have a moderate increase in server loads. Because of that, IPS clients have to manually turn certain features off, which was a problem I kept experiencing. I wasn't aware of it until my webhost provider increased the CPU and memory and I saw a very significant drop in my server loads.

Some IPB users might not be aware of the problem like I was and may have inadvertently switched off some key features and forgot what they turned off and where those particular options are in the ACP.

But, when you install IPB, just about every feature related to CPU resources are turned on by default. This would include "topic views updates", "online users list and so forth. This is wyhy I suggested that he put in a support ticket to inquire further about this other solution. The topic views solution was an easy fix because I used that periodically myself.

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@Rated, I would appreciate it if you did not pm me about your forum issues. I am trying to help you here. Telling me in private, and I quote:

Hey did you check it out?

I find it highly offensive and rude. What do you think, that I am here to do your bidding? If you can not wait patiently until you are helped then you can either hire someone to look into this for you or find someone else to do your bidding for free or submit a ticket at your client center.

Whatever you do, do not contact me ever in private anymore.

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Nena, I understand your irritated, but he's simply trying to show you what the problem is. Wow, he contacted you via PM?

lols, I've been getting a lot of that lately, like the IPS forums have been infected by PM spammers. I typically just post my problem in one of the support forums. If I have an issue with someone's marketplace item, and if it's serious enough, I might contact them via PM if they aren't responding to their own support topics for their marketplace item.

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For the "users online", I have no idea.

in IPB 3.4.5:

it is in the same area:
System Settings > Advanced tab (at top) > CPU Saving & Optimization

there is a setting called:
Cut off for active user display [in minutes]


in this example, i have my forum set up so it shows users are online (in the past 15 minutes)

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