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My small suggestions for IPS4


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In one topic as they all relate to the core really as I sort of count the member application as part of the core in a way. :)

Members Separation of 'can view member list' / 'Can view member profiles' into two distinct settings. An alternative would be to allow members some form of profile privacy, ie: allow guest view or not.

Members Not too sure about this, but some kind of 'mutual' friends feature similar to FB may be an idea or a 'suggested' list of somekind.

Core XML import / export of user agents would be highly appreciated. Although not difficult to add it is a bit time consuming whereas with the legacy versions you could more or less paste in a list. I do understand there's more processing going on though as the legacy versions were just spider lists rather than user agents but a simple way to import / export them would be nice.

Core The ACP menu colouring how about either a colour picker or if not practical a choice of say at least two preferably three choices the admin can select to choose their preference. I was thinking of suggesting adding a blue and possibly a grey choice. I don't think these two colours would clash in any way with the existing colours present ie the header area. This should help those who do not like the default colour scheme without the trouble of adding a third party one if its just the menu colouring that's the concern.

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