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Little tweak for a better looking forum


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I will start out by saying the new software is great, much more streamlined and faster.

However the professionalism of the appearance of the software has taken some what of a hit.

Now you have to install a hook to get a member's join date on the forum profile and everything seems so scattered and in disarray.

How hard would it be the forum profile back to better looking and more organized?

Yes I know this is a custom skin with the image and color, but this old photo is how a Forum Profile use to look and still should look today. I might be wrong, but I do not think it would hinder any operations of the new software and would make IPB software look more professional like it use to be.


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I used to religiously skin them out after each upgrade back on the 2.x series, with the exception of post count.

As indicated though you can easily install a hook for it or I remember writing a couple of skin edit articles to add member number and / or joined date back to topic view.

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