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  1. Will IPB themselves offer any Black Friday deals??
  2. ​I already did provide the one and main reason on why friend should not be even considered or changed to follower. Are you a business using forum software just for business? Are you a leader of a cult where you need or want followers and not friends? IPB is changing things that should not be changed just to follower other social medias thus leaving their roots of what IPB use to be. I will reiterate and post again in this post as I already did: Anyway his point as well as a lot of folks including myself that is, IPB use to be a leading and cutting edge designer with forum software long befor
  3. ​I do not know how long you have been using IPB, but for Woodsman and myself we both have been using IPB for 10+ years seeing a lot of changes with the software with some being excellent and others not worth a wooden nickel. Anyway his point as well as a lot of folks including myself that is, IPB use to be a leading and cutting edge designer with forum software long before the other "social medias were even a thought", it was unique, different, and better laid out especially in the admin cp than all other forum software I have used and demoed, but the dramatic switch in the attempt to copy the
  4. Andy Listen you are a smart guy and very helpful with your knowledge, but please you and everyone else stop talking like this license is some kind of monster created in the lab that is uncontrollable or repairable. All IPB has to do is set our accounts to have the same download privileges as we did before, charge us what we paid per year, and be done with it, but no they want to discard us like we are nothing, that is part of what has everyone up in arms along with this crap that our licenses are such black sheep they cannot do anything with it.
  5. Okay so now the 3% are crap to you people, we helped out when it was needed and now you spit in our faces and tell us we are crap since we are such a low number. Way to go Lindy, that is cool of you to do that and appreciate it. Anything else we need to do for your company, can we waste money on more lies and broken promises, commitments, etc??? Oh and Lindy you can take all the offense you want, you and IPB are cheating us period, you are not holding up to your contract and agreement!!
  6. LOL The link in the e-mail did not work for me, you have to use password recovery to go through all of that to get to the questions, then proceed.
  7. I understand that other companies may have done wrong, however my licenses are perpetual licenses and not the lifetime licenses which IPB also offered before the perpetual license. This is the guarantee and selling point for my licenses and why I purchased them: Upgrades for life Telephone support and ticket support for 1 year - $30 per year thereafter. There is not somebody who thinks they are being unfairly treated, it is somebody / along with others who purchased the perpetual license for the guarantee and to help support IPB are being unfairly treated. NO that was not li
  8. Well I have to ask since I own 3 perpetual licenses myself, my question to your above statement is when IPB cut off support to the ones that choose not to upgrade and stays with 3.4.6? Also you are correct the internet has evolved, along with coding, etc. so how is "moving forward as a company" and not living up to the obligations of purchasing perpetual licenses that we purchased to help this company out back in the day? When I purchased my licenses there was nothing that stated software upgrade, revamp, new structure, etc. was excluded and our perpetual licenses would be restructured
  9. Not acting like a victim, just stating the facts. If you do not want to read it just move along.
  10. Just a idea Amged makes a Pro contact form, with this application you can set it to Create a Topic instead of a e-mail and in the Forum area you designate for the topic to be created set it where it requires Staff approval "this makes it where no spam can go live on your forum". >Link Raw has a contact form also, but it never came up on the quick search. I have Raw' version and use it for e-mail contact only.
  11. Yep but IPB thinks there is nothing wrong with the warning system and it functions like it should be. The unicorn 4.0 is going to have the fix "so they say", this is going to be the biggest thing since pocket on a t-shirt I tell ya.
  12. Thanks for the Topic GreenLinks, I sent the info to my hosting company and they got on it immediately to correct this issue.
  13. Thank goodness, between the slow load times, the site switching from Costa Rico, Europe, and USA everytime you clicked on a forum, topic, pm center you never knew how long it would take to load. The IPB site has been running really good lately.
  14. Excellent idea, I did this for the basic stuff, how to post images, etc on my forum using the Tutorials.
  15. If he owns the site then it is his right to spy on whom ever is in the cp, but if you would not be so fast to jump on someone with this nonsense and think just a minute you "might" realize it is a good idea. I agree security is the key and I think this would be a good addition. If we are lucky enough to get this added, I personally think it would be more beneficial to notify the owners from failed CP log in attempts vs log in from staff with access. The turds trying to hack into cps' are more of a concern than my staff with cp access and like most everyone has seen failed log in attemp
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