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Redirecting IP.Board to...

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So I recently bought and installed IP.Board onto my webserver. For whatever reason, I kept receiving an error saying db_database was missing when I attempted to install IP.Board to fantasyteamadvice.com/forums so I went ahead and used the suggested URL of fantasyteamadvice.com/forums/board/upload/ and it worked just fine.

My question is, am I able to use the redirect feature to remove the /board/upload from the URL's in the future? (I am also asking this for SEO purposes) Or will I have to figure out how to install IP.Board directly to fantasyteamadvice.com/forums?

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your folder ADMIN seems to be in the UPLOAD folder

Open the distribution pack on your pc, there are three folders : Documentation, Tools, upload

Open the upload folder and load on server all files and folders that are inside, into your forums directory

You are wrong with the path

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