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  1. - 10 I love the editor AS IS OUT OF THE BOX NOW AT THIS MOMENT :thumbsup:
  2. Gianpiero L.

    Option for image quality

    :smile: this is not true ,fortunately in the example in my previous post the image is scaled, due to my settings into System Settings > Forums > Topics, Posts and Polls where the images ( attachments show as images) are limited to 1000 px When I load a 900 px images, the uploaded image is the same of original :smile: Picture Compare Produced: 13/08/2013 17:43:24 Left file: C:UsersJAMPDesktopNuova cartella_DSC5380_900.jpg Right file: C:UsersJAMPDesktopNuova cartellapost-4-0-50608700-1376408478.jpg 541800 same pixel(s)
  3. Gianpiero L.

    Option for image quality

    thanks for the information :sad: this is a image comparison, please open the image in a new tab of your browser http://tinypic.com/r/2mmtmkp/5 report is as follow Picture Compare Produced: 13/08/2013 16:23:56 Left file: C:UsersJAMPDesktoppost-4-0-67430100-1376403199.jpg (note: the uploaded at left side ) Right file: C:UsersJAMPDesktop_DSC5380.jpg ( note: the original at the right side ) 208970 same pixel(s) 485710 unimportant difference pixel(s) 6760 important difference pixel(s) it means that 701440 are the pixel : image dimension is 1.024 x 685 only 208.970 are the same kind regards gianpiero
  4. Gianpiero L.

    Option for image quality

    Very interesting thread ! I have 27.000 images on my forum, and I would like to know if the setting 75 is related to ANY uploaded image or only scaled for thumb. Thanks
  5. I've seen that the announcements have not a date, eg: http://community.invisionpower.com/forum-1/announcement-30-what-new-in-ips-social-suite-40/ so when I go and read it I don't know when the author posted it. I suggest a "required date field" for the announcements to be published kind regards, Gianpiero
  6. Gianpiero L.

    Option to require real names in registration

    thanks it works :smile:
  7. Gianpiero L.

    Option to require real names in registration

    Dear bfarber in my IPB the Search doesn't cover custom fields. I've tested with any kind of setting of CPF: public, private, viewable into profile ... If you are sure ( excuse me for this if ... :smile: ) are you able to give me an example of forum where I can test ? Or provide me some suggestion about the setting of CPF to make search working ?
  8. Gianpiero L.

    Option to require real names in registration

    I 'have added the Custom Profile Field required since 2005. This doesn't solve. I've added CPF as public into profile of members, but the search option doesn't search into CPF When you search JOHN DOE, and this is into a CPF, you will have no results. I made this into the attention of IPB staff a lot of time ago. ( ... so I do not remember where :smile: ) bye gianpiero
  9. Gianpiero L.

    (DP34) Global Sidebars

    work like a charm ! (DP34) Global Sidebars [P] (en) ON 3.4.3 thanks :smile:
  10. Gianpiero L.

    Easy Pages

    not tested, but the "help" is explaining: Pages A short descriptive title that is viewable on the public side. Leaving this field blank will cause the application to not be shown on the front end, making it an admin only application. You'll find in: Applications Edit Application: Easy Pages
  11. in System Settings > Forums > Topics, Posts and Polls Settings: Topics, Posts and Polls Attached Image Options
  12. I understand your point of view, but I can't understand the utility.
  13. ok I understand you want that member can choose when posting. At this moment only the admin in ACP is able to choose if the image will be an attachment to click, or a picture
  14. please explain what you want, exactly