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Active users/users browsing and post view count problems


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Hi I am new to this forum and I hope you may be able to help.

Apologies to Admin/Moderators as I did submit this same topic 4 hours ago but into the ‘Community Admin’ section without realising that section is for tips and not for questions regarding problems (hence the reason why it may not have been accepted)

We have been using an IP Board forum (v3.1.4) on our website since June 2011 last year but we are suddenly experiencing some issues that we have been unable to resolve.

In short we have recently had major issues with an increasing number of attempted spammers trying to register on our forum. We have upped our registration processes so it not only includes Captcha, questions and answers, email and admin manual validation and we also have the automatic spam monitoring services etc running aswell as having manually blocked any registrations from certain email domains such as *@gmail and some others who were persistent spam sources.

This finally seems to have stopped the spammers.

However, two days ago we noticed that the boards are constantly showing ‘0 guests’

I viewed as a guest and it increased to ‘1’ but only I could see it and it was not visible to anyone else.

Yesterday another problem arose in that the ‘users browsing this forum’ . 'Active users' is not working correctly either and member’s names are not being displayed. It is currently only showing each individual person that they themselves are online but is NOT showing them who else is on line. This was working fine a few days ago and as far as we are aware nothing has been changed since then which may have caused the problem

From the AdminCP again it shows ‘0’ number of guests and ‘0’ members and ‘0’ anonymous users being online when we know that they are as they are posting.

Also, today it has been brought to our attention that the ‘number of views’ for all topics is now static and not increasing either.

Could anyone offer any advice on what may be causing these issues and

how we can resolve them please as it is causing real problems for us as Admin and also frustration for many of our forum members.

Many thanks

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The area you've currently posted in (I do not see your other topic) is primarily for feedback, not support related questions. :)

You'll need the licence holder to post in the Support forums or submit a ticket in the Client Area for assistance.

They will be able to add 'alternative contacts' if required too so that others can act on their behalf if required for support assistance.

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