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Email from board is considered AS spam

Axel Wers

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In last time few members complain, they don't get emails from my board.

I tested it, they're right, I used few my email addresses and I got email to SPAM directory or nothing.

Then I sent email directly from my email address which is used as admin email. I got emails.

So there are some problems with board. Emails sent from board are considered as SPAM (gmail.com) or aren't delivered (some slovak email providers).

There is nothing bad with my domain. I tried Email tester in ACP I filled up "From" with my other email address (other domain) and email still wasn't delivered.

I think issue has appeared after upgrade 3.2.3 → 3.3.4

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In last 6 years I didn't have problems with this, so I don't know what I should do with server side responsibilities. I never needed this. Issue appeared after upgrade to the latest version what is few days ago. So I don't know what you're asking for.

And when I send email via board to my admin email, email is delivered. But not to gmail (spam).

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Its likely that your website is banned by specific email providers. Especially if you are not following the requirements set out by various email providers and by anti spam laws. Its well possible that spammers have used your domain or that email providers have blacklisted your email as spam.

Please see: http://www.dmarc.org
You should create a SPF record or ask your host to do this: http://www.openspf.org/
Check your server for open relays: http://www.checkor.com/

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