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A couple of small suggestions for the mobile skin.


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I'm on forums on my phone quite a bit, here included. As such, there are two things I'd really enjoy being able to do easily and from the comfort of the mobile skin.

One only relates to here, the other relates to all forums running IPB.

The first is the ability to get to the Tracker without having to go to the full version of the site. Sure, it looks pretty bad, but it's still usable.

The second is the ability to get to your profile quickly on mobile, and also have a few more things visible on your profile on mobile. Maybe moving the Sign Out button to the left and adding a My Profile button beside it under the menu would be the best way to do this? Also, I lied about having a few more things visible on the profile on mobile. Just reputation would be enough.

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Are reputation points really an important thing to see on a lightweight mobile skin?

Considering we're now able to give reputation on mobile (or likes/dislikes, whatever you like to call them now,) I think we should be able to see them on profiles while on the mobile skin.

In some communities, it certainly can be.

He might also be referring to positive and negative reputation.

Lucy is correct.
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