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Download: Croatian language pack for IPB 3.3.x series


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File Name: Croatian language pack for IPB 3.3.x series
File Submitter: Breadfan
File Submitted: 14 Jul 2012
File Category: Language Packs

This pack also includes language files for current versions of Gallery, Blog and Downloads apps.

Installation instructions:

Go to Admin CP -> Look & Feel -> Languages -> Import Language XML and import the gz file (option "Upload language pack from your computer")

For croatian characters, go to System -> System Settings -> Server Enviroment -> Document character set and enter iso-8859-1.
This will give you all if not most of the characters.

Also, if you want to have a coma separator in decimals, (for example number of posts displayed 145,235 instead of 145235), edit your croatian pack
and set the locale en_US (same as the default).

For any questions, check the support topic or contact me at www.mrcine.org/boards (Perica Posavski).
This language pack is also available in the "Downloads" section of my homepage (for registered forum members).



here to download this file

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