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Is it possible to use a 3.2 languagepack on 3.3?

Kjell Iver Johansen

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I just installed 3.3 to a new forum, and the existing norwegian language pack lack some translations. But it only took me a day to translate the missing parts for the public part.

But I would recommend you to install 3.2 now, and wait at least a couple of months before you upgrade to 3.3. There will be bugs, and it would be better wait until 3.3.2. (3.3.1 at the least)

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So it is possible to use the 3.1.4 languagepack for the 3.2 ore the 3.3 installastion then? I will try it out on my testsite anyway so thanks.. :smile:

I get the following errors :


This error is coming when I try to write a new post with the 3.1.4 languagepack on the 3.3 board

That's the issue I linked you to in my earlier post....
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