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  1. IP.Board 3.4 Dev Update: VigLink

    I can't seem to find any info about how much the commision would be with VigLink. Skimlink use a 25:75 split which isn't bad. Do anybody know the commision?
  2. Less is often (way) more

    On my newest community there's only 5 sections. I might expand it at a later stage, but so far those five seem to be enough.
  3. Less is often (way) more

    Sorry, it's in norwegian. But it's simply a short text where I explain the difference of the freedom of speech and the right to be published. The freedom of speech will only give them the right to make their own web site to express their opinions, but they may not demand to be published on any other web sites. Then I follow up with an example from book publishing: You may write your own book, but you may not go to a publisher and demand them to publish it for you. If you want to publish it, and there are no publisers willing to do it, you would have to print the book yourself, and contact any stores and ask them if they would sell it. If noone will sell it, you'll have to open your own store to sell it. So if they would like to express themselves, they'll have to create their own forum/blog/web site. This is a simple summary of the email, but it catches the major points. Most people will understand and won't make any more problems.
  4. Less is often (way) more

    I love this one too. This one happens so many times that I wrote a standardized email where I explain the meaning of freedom of speech. They will usually give up after they receive it. In earlier times every village had their own village idiot. When the Internet arrived all the village idiots moved into the same village. :thumbsup:
  5. (DP34) Global Sidebars

    Nice to hear, DawPi. It happened to me too (IP.Content front page not visible), and I'll just wait until it's fixed. I got plenty of time.
  6. Yes, the day is important. Look at Apple Inc. They will mainly introduce new products on tuesdays (even though they have released a few products on either wednesday or, very seldomly on a thursday, to make the most out of the interest of the press.
  7. Is it possible to use a 3.2 languagepack on 3.3?

    I just installed 3.3 to a new forum, and the existing norwegian language pack lack some translations. But it only took me a day to translate the missing parts for the public part. But I would recommend you to install 3.2 now, and wait at least a couple of months before you upgrade to 3.3. There will be bugs, and it would be better wait until 3.3.2. (3.3.1 at the least)
  8. IP.Board 3.3 Dev Update: Warning System

    I second Stephen D's idea.
  9. IP.Board 3.3 Dev Update: Warning System

    I especially like the acknowledgements. Finally people won't be able to able to claim they haven't read the message telling them why their permissions have been restricted.
  10. Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

    You haven't it installed on a flash drive? Nor a disk image?
  11. Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

    I counted how many times I've used the CD/DVD-drive during the last 18 months. 2 times. I simply don't need the drive. So I understand why they dropped it.
  12. Member Reviews

    Yes, the language strings are editable. I
  13. Member Reviews

    Got the same one. It would help with a user guide to know how to properly configure the app.