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Download: (IPT33) Today's Top Posters


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File Name: (IPT33) Today's Top Posters
File Submitter: zLuckr0x
File Submitted: 26 Mar 2012
File Category: Hooks and Plugins

This hook will show the Today's Top Posters on the board index.


  • Groups that can see the hook in board index.
  • Number of members to display.
  • Group format enabled.

  • This hook is in the language BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE, please translate it trough the template, I was busy so I was unable to do it.

Thank you, enjoy it.

Click here to download this file
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To change the language,

Go to: system > looks & feel > your skin set > (left side menu) board Index > hookTopPosters

Look for :

<h3>Top Posters de Hoje</h3>

Change to:

<h3>Today's Top Posters</h3>


Posts Hoje: {parse format_number="$r['tpost']"}</a>

Change to:

Posts Today: {parse format_number="$r['tpost']"}</a>

Save your template and your done.

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