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Hooks: why create two files when only one is needed?


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So I created a hook and wanted a menu item to be displayed in both mobile and standard skin.

The problem is that I can find no if-test in the globalTemplate, where the menu is, that have the same testname in both skins and at the same time places it where I want it to be.

So I decided I would have to add the file and class from the file tab two times and use two different if-tests in the globaltemplate, one for standard and one for mobile. This worked fine and it's now displaying the menu item in both mobile and standard skin.

But.. when I exported it from my dev board and imported it another board I noticed it created two different files with different hashes after the file name.

I guess this is working as intended... But it seems a bit unecessary since I only need one of them, the content in both php-files are the same.

I guess there's two ways of improving this...

1. You could allow the one hook file + class, to meet multiple foreach and/or if-tests.
2. You could work on getting more if-tests to be the same in standard and mobile skin.

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