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Recommended server reqs to run IPB?

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Invision lists some software reqs (PHP, MySQL version, etc.) but doesn't really go beyond that into what memory, cpu, disk, etc. are required.

I have a VPS with a very good provider (buyvm.net) - 1GB memory, share of 4 CPUs, fast disk, Debian. It's OpenVZ. Right now I have a half-dozen low-traffic Wordpress blogs. It's running nginx with php-fpm, and I have it setup for 15 nging processes/fpm workers.

There's usually 1-3 concurrent connections now (much more often 1).

The board I'm starting is brand new and focused on a particular technology so it will take a while before it gets big.

I also have an AWS t1 micro instance (613MB of RAM) with nothing running on it. That is another option.

I'm also thinking about Litespeed vs. nginx, though I am not going to spend the money for the enterprise edition - it would just be the free edition of LS.

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This is more than adequate to start off with. I've been running my forum since about 2004. I regularly have around 200 - 300 users online. I'm on a dedicated server with Dual core and 3gb of memory. Any less and it would run out of memory. That said it nows runs a lot better and uses less memory after being optimized by Gary (helped quite a few of us out).


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