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How good IPB has become & future suggestion


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Small story here,
Been saving for a while for a special software. This is for a business adventure, anyhow, was ready to pull the trigger when I really took a look at Content, Nexus and Classifieds and no forum. So instead of spending literally some big dollars I tackled this IPB style. I've ran into a small snag however and that is separating some of IPB forum with the rest. Sounds crazy but how I am set up now there's only few references left to the forum at all and the major one is the profile area that says posts, threads etc.. It would be nice to be able to shut the forum offline and have everything that has to do with the forum in regards to posts and threads leave, still leaving features like profiles, or member related features, custom fields etc..

IPB has become a very powerful CMS. So much so that's what I am using it for instead of forum software. Great membership backend, store capabilities, blog site, links site, paid memberships, ads and much more. Each can be used individually to run a actual site without a forum.

I think a post like this may be the first for IPB? Don't know, but if it is, it indicates the future of what users could possibly be wanting to do with what IPB offers. Also great new marketing approach. Something different anyhow. Just my thoughts here and how I am using IPB in a different way. Thanks for the listen

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Thank you for the feedback - I'm glad things are working out for you. Incidentally, we are moving forward with the ability to completely shut the forum off if you prefer. In fact, invisionpower.com uses Nexus and Content with the forums removed.

We recognize there's a market for this and appreciate the reminder. :)

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