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I want to make IPchat visible on menu bar for only specified groups..


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Yes sure :smile:

go to your ACP[list=1] [*]System Settings > [*]IPS Applications and modules > [*]IP.Chat ,, click the pencil > [*]then edit which groups you wish to see the tab (tab permissions)



this isnt working for me i have done alot of looking around trying to turn off alot of different things
since this isnt working

is there a way to hide from everyone and then create a tab that redirects it to the chat but is only seen by the admins and mods? pretty much the same as the settings but a custom tab that i can set permissions to?
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The procedure described is correct, but there is a bug in 3.2.3 preventing it from working correctly. A patch is available in the tracker.


Read that thread, and thanks a lot! It now works with that easy-to-use .zip you guys created for all of us accidental IPS bug finders!

Sorry, wasn't aware of the last thread though.. but doesn't matter, lets hope you don't see me again for a while! :)
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