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  1. Topic Rules

    Good idea, can you sort topics by selection? Ex. Click Sell, and the forum only shows topics that have {Sell}prefix? That would be great for trading communities like mine!
  2. Will it change that smiley? Didn't see that in your screenshots, and plus I am trying this hook currently on IPB3.4.5, and it doesn't work in that area. :(
  3. Enkidu Exit Popup Message Box

    I had some 3rd-party and skin culprits with an old version. We never could get it working, and when I say we, Enkidu is super at providing support. After I got the IPS update 3.4.5, and a few other app & hook updates, I trolled back here, saw he had an update (1.2.0), and he had smoothly assisted me again, this time through that mod uploading issues for him through invision, but after that crap, absolutely zero issues on my end installing and using right away! Works like a charm, on point man! I've been waiting for something like this for a very long time! :cheers:
  4. Download: Improved Avatars

    I see some type of update, but the download link still gives me 1.1.7 version. :(
  5. [XPD] Closing Reason as Post

    Any progress by chance?
  6. [HQ] Secondary Group Icons

    That perfectly acceptable im not complaning at all for a free product, and i thank you for all you work and this is good to hear all i wanted to know i dont mind waiting i have gone my entire sites life with out it i can wait more :D no worries Again thanks for the updated news for this
  7. [HQ] Secondary Group Icons

    Is there anyway for this to show everywhere instead of just the userinfopane?
  8. (e34) Points Per Name Style

    That the first thing i check when i see all the other errors i dont have it installed and havnt had it installed since it came out but i got this fixed i dont excatly remember how i did, i did alot of things to get this working again to much to remember lol
  9. (e34) Points Per Name Style

    Fatal error: Call to undefined method ppnsLib::getUsersIn() in /home2/phluxoro/public_html/hooks/ibEconomyPPNSActionTopic_6fcd1d04e37043503ab2c9712b832429.php on line 22 im getting this error now i seen the above post where the person had the same problem with the viewnewcontent did what he did messed up my site now i cant go into topics or anything i reverted back to what i had before and still a now go this really messed me up idk what to do now
  10. Editor Feedback

    What about the members who have not yet posted? I've just been silently reading/watching/waiting for IPS to give us our options back. My editor is completely NOT what I want at the moment and it has proved to be a big pain in the "you know what" since I've upgraded because now I cannot make the changes I want. And because of the recent changes IPS has made, I am very reluctant and probably WILL NOT EVER upgrade again until I've waited a month for more of these 'feedback' topics to pop up for reference. My IPB software will not be upgraded again for a while since I see very little that needs attention, getting fixed. Rather IPS makes changes that many of us aren't concerned about.
  11. Contact Form

    can i ask how to make it use the furl feature? and also how to get this to align up the right way its kinda screwy http://prntscr.com/neuxo