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Registration emails going to members spam box


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Hi Staff;

I have a board up now for about 4 months, I noticed people were not validating there emails after registering. So I did one myself and found that they are going to the spam box of Gmail. which is one of the bigger email services.

Is there a way to have our boards email NOT go to the trash by default.

Anyone else have this problem? and or had it fixed?
thanks cheri

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This is better for Support but, you can re-word the templates for registration/validation so they aren't so generic.

Also, making sure your servers IP for SMTP isn't black listed or been caught sending above normal spam rates (http://www.senderbase.org/ for example can give a bit of back ground, same with spamhaus / cbl) as IP reputation still does play a huge part.

Beyond that, contacting google to ask them what rules you are hitting (generically speaking as they wont explicitly tell you) so you can clean up your mail

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You think people would realize that even valid emails can end up in spam.

I pick out good emails all the time in spam before i delete it, and non-forum related.

but that is a problem if all of your forum email is going to spam.

Thanks i got this figured out.
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