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We need a feature (in 3.2) that has the ability to click on "Members Name" (In Online Users), like what was available in 3.1.

I found this feature very useful and find if frustrating that I have to continue to go to the bottom of the page, then sort users by "Show Registered Only" everytime I want to see who is online and where they are on my forum.

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I'm not sure exactly what you are missing from before? I have both boards live and can't see to understand what you are missing?

Go to the bottom of 3.1.4, click Member Name (this is what I want to achieve in 3.2, 1 step).

Try this in 3.2, you cant, so then you have to do this in these steps to get the same result of 3.1.x that can be done in 1 step.

1) Go to the bottom of the main forum page,
2) click "See Full List",
3) then navigate to the bottom of that page (Online Users),
4) Click sort users by "Show Registered Only"

Every time I want to see what members are online, I have to go through these steps (It is frustrating).

This needs to be more simple - PERIOD.

Do you understand now what I am missing?
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When I click a user name on the forum home page in 3.1.4 from the area of (users online) It takes me to their profile.

and on 3.2.0 it does the same thing.

You obviously can't take instruction. Apologies, that was a bit rough.

Regardless of that, this worked. (It was posted today, so looks like I am not the only one in need of this)

Many thanks Pintac
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Admincp > Look & Feel > Manage Skin and Templates > Select Skin > Board Index > Boardindextemplate

Find this

<a href='{parse url="app=members&amp;module=online&amp;sort_order=desc" base="public"}'>({$this->lang->words['online_link']})</a>

and replace it with this

{$this->lang->words['show_by']}: <a href='{parse url="app=members&amp;module=online&amp;sort_order=desc" base="public"}'>{$this->lang->words['oul_click']}</a> {$this->lang->words['or']} <a href='{parse url="app=members&amp;module=online&amp;sort_key=name&amp;sort_order=asc&amp;show_mem=reg" base="public"}'>{$this->lang->words['oul_name']}

Now you will have the same as 3.1.4

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That works great R1Lover. %7Boption%7D

I made some changes, to what I liked, for me, as follows:

Find this

<a href='{parse url="app=members&amp;module=online&amp;sort_order=desc" base="public"}'>({$this->lang->words['online_link']})</a>[/CODE]

[/font] [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][size=4]Add after[/size][/font] [size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]

[CODE]{$this->lang->words['or']} <a href='{parse url="app=members&amp;module=online&amp;sort_key=name&amp;sort_order=asc&amp;show_mem=reg" base="public"}'>({$this->lang->words['oul_name']})

Looks nice I think:

What do you think?

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Thanks. Any way to make their IP resolve to a hostname like on the previous version?

I don't recall it resolving to hostnames in 3.1.x (only IP's).

You can paste the IP into the IP Tools section of the ModeratorCP to resolve to hostname, mind you, that does not answer the question asked.
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