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I don't see why this isn't there already. It's an amazing feature in the forumview already.

For those of you who don't now what i'm talking about go out to the list of topics and scroll down to the bottom. Click that. I am suggesting that that should be in the topic views aswell.

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I still dont know what you are referring to.... can you elaborate

Basically in forum view at the end of the thread list you can hit "load more topics" to display more topics in the same page instead of going directly to page 2 ecc

I assume he asked if we can have the same thing with posts in topic view
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How to disable this feature please ? i would to show only limited number of topics without extension

(1) Go to Admin CP > Look & Feel.
(2) Select the skin set that you'd like to modify.
(3) Scroll down the list of templates and click on "Forum View", then select forumIndexTemplate.
(4) Use your browser's "find" or "search" function to search for <if test="hastopics:|:$other_data['hasMore']">.
(5) Delete (or use comments to hide) everything between <if test="hastopics:|:$other_data['hasMore']"> and </if>.
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