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  1. Could you give me an idea of how long it took you? (might you be available to hire to help us?) Thank you
  2. Thank you. Can I ask - is it pretty simple or something that takes a bit of time? Thanks
  3. Hello Thank you. bfarber, do you have experience with that Auth0? I am still trying to get my head around what it is and how it works. I would appreciate a bit more elaboration. If I signed up for that service, could we easily set that up on our website (how easy?), and then once that is done link it up to our Invision Community? So that if users registered on our Invision Community, they could then go and login using the same credentials on our main website? Is that a correct understanding? (That is what we want). Sorry for my embarrassingly low level of understanding on the concepts! Any explanation really appreciated to help me grasp how it all works.
  4. OK thank you very much
  5. Thank you very much. Could I ask, is the below service the same kind of thing as the Auth0 service you mention ---- or a different beast with a different function? https://docs.oneall.com/ If we set that up on the main website, could we then link up with the Forums to get them talking to each other as I want? (Unfortunately I'm struggling understanding the logic behind it all)
  6. Hello I have a question about a Forum that is set for Questions. Right now if someone has "voted" for a question, it appears at the top of the list. Will that always be there? And is there a way to have it so that it is not always pinned up there? (I don't seem to be able to find such a setting). Thank you
  7. Thank you. For a forum with 500,000 posts, would that process be days?
  8. Hello I am wondering how the 'Site Map' works -- does it just build up automatically over time or something? Right now ours just seems to be a fairly short list, a small fraction of the total content. I don't seem to be able to find any kind of settings to adjust things, so wondering if it just runs on it's own and takes some time or something...? Thanks
  9. Not Wordpress. It’#s a custom made website,
  10. Hi OK so I want to use our Invision community to login to another site. And I believe using Oauth2 / REST API is the way to do it. Problem - our site does not currently "use" (have?) Oauth2. I realise that it is likely a "it depends" kind of answer, but generally should it be pretty simple to set up so we can get going? Or is it generally complex and a bit of a pain? Any pointers would be very welcome! Thank you
  11. Hello I have a forum that I want to moderate all content on. I have it so that all posts needs approving by a moderator. But members seem to be able to edit their posts --- and the edited posts go live instantly without moderating. Is there a way for edited posts to also require approval? I may well be missing this right in front of me, but I don't seem to be able to find it! Thank you
  12. I did actually see that guide Mark and I used it to set up things -- thank you for that help. Unfortunately, it didn't help with this issue on google. BUT, I seem to have found a solution! I looked at error logs and it said something about enabling google+ api. So I tried doing that. Once I did that, the problem seemed to go away and I login was ok! :) So if you haven't fixed this up yet, try that iJeff. Thanks
  13. I am also getting the same "something went wrong" message, no matter how many times I check to make sure it is set up correctly. Google don't seem to be able to help. Very annoying. Did you solve this iJeff and any words of wisdom? Thanks
  14. OK understood. Thank you
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