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Remove all 'Out of Date Entries' in language editor


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At the moment I am working on the Dutch translation of IP board but I am running into some snags.

The biggest problem is the 'Out of Date Entries'.
I have a translation with over 500 'Out of Date Entries' and I have to erase them all by hand.
That means pressing the 'outdated strings' button, delete a single string and press OK, 500 times.
That makes 1500 mouse-clicks!!

Can you please make it a little easier for us translators? :wink:

Kind regards,


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Well, there is ONE thing you should not do!

Do not erase the 'out of date' strings.

First open every single page and submit it. That will make 95% of the 'out of date' strings disappear.

Then delete any strings that may be obsolete.

I am working on a small list of 'easy to implement' improvement suggestions for the translation system, because quit frankly is is not all that usable.



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