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Still haven't gotten used to search


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I know this won't change. But I'm wondering if some people are having the same problem... Even after all this time that 3.0 and 3.1 has been out I STILL haven't gotten used to the global search box at the top right. For some reason I keep thinking there is a search box at the bottom of the topic index. Same thing on the tracker index listing. I guess this is because I tend to look at the first page first before doing a search... Not really sure. But I'm constantly having to remind myself where the search box is.

Anyone else experience similar problems? Perhaps I'm just too stuck in my ways, more so on certain things than others.

Don't get me wrong. I do like where the search box is now and I think it makes a lot of sense... But I keep forgetting there isn't a box under the index anymore.

A suggestion I do have is make that search box easier to get to without having to scroll all the way up. Perhaps a keyboard shortcut that jumps you back to the top and sends focus to the box? Something that allows me to start searching when I have the impulse to search. On my Mac I can press Command+Space to activate Spotlight, for example.

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I guess what I'm looking for is a Spotlight-like feature to get to search as quickly as possible.

Problem with this is it's wasted development time. Naturally you can do something like this on your own site, but there's little value in us spending any time on a feature 3 people may ever use. They'd have to know the keyboard shortcut to use it, then remember to use that shortcut when they want to search...it's just not really something most users would even know about, let alone remember to use.
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