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I would like to see more interactive with IPS staff and the community. A good part of a question and answer part would be helpfully to answer many questions about products and upcoming release. Pretty much now that the change of forums, you post something in the help area you could get a reply back from an person on the forums or someone from IPS. I seen many threads go unanswered cause nobody reply to it for whatever reason. Of course Devs. can't answer every question but before when the forums were Staff vs Peer to Peer, a person got more of a reply on the Staff forums support. It just there seems a line that is not cross a lot that only get cross when there "New" information to come out or blog seek peaks. I don't know about you but I like to have a idea of what the Dev. want to do or what is or ideas they like to do. Not saying they will do it but more interactive between the user base and the Dev teams pretty much. There are some issues I see keep coming up and there is really never a clear reply on what happening, thus leaving others in the dark. A good example is the Documentation on the site. People have given suggests about upgrading and improving it but last I heard person XYZ is working on it. But I only read that from a thread of a thread by someone else, never really found out where that post was. Cleaning up announcements and improvement communications is a way to go I think to help bridge the IPS customer base and the Staff of IPS.

Just something to give some thought to.
Thanks for reading.

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One thing people never fault us on is communication so I'm surprised to read this :)

Our staff post all over our forums, we post blog entries updating on our progress quite often, staff are often in the chat room here, they even post in general chat on off topic issues. We are very active :)

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I am quite old now :(

Come join the Mummified Geeks group. We have single malt scotch, cigars, cookies and an awesome fundraiser around Halloween.

On topic - Frankly, if IPS communicated any more between blogs, forum responses and Twitter, I'd start having a hard time catching up. I quite like the current system.
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