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File Name: Sylo
File Submitter: pezza
File Submitted: 17 Mar 2011
File Updated: 08 Apr 2011
File Category: Professional Skins

Sylo is a clean, blue, professional skin.

If you find any bugs please feel free to contact me and I'll get them fixed. I will also update this skin to the next version of IPB when it is released.

This skin is completely free, I only ask that you leave my copyright intact.

Thanks :)

Click here to download this file

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For some reason when you minimise a cat/forum you get a line below the cat_right and left.

Also is there a middle cat_image or is the colour controlled via the css? Reason I ask is because I'm having a hard time locating how to make the bar completely black.

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Hi Joey,

Yes, that entire bar is controlled by:

<div class="maintitle_base"> - Sets the background. Repeating image.
<div class="header_left"> - The left image for the bar
<div class="header_right"> - The right image for the bar.

If you wanted to make that bar black you would have to replace all three images. You could open them in photoshop and change the color fairly easily and then re-upload it to your site.

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Great skin, thanks for the release.

Though I came here to say that in the browser Opera, people are not able to leave replies and starts topics unless they use the "quick message tool"
the last part below attachments is completely gone.

Perhaps you could look at this?

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