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The E-Mail format / content for all by IP.Nexus send E-Mails should become a professional "look and feel".

Example: All E-Mails missing a "Footer" like "Your BOARDNAME Team" or something else (with a placeholder for "BOARDNAME").

(Yes, i know, everyone can edit the language pack, but that could never be the intention)

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Hello :)

For now, edit the language strings.

It is something I'd really like to add though. It makes more sense for something like this though to be added to IP.Board's core rather than IP.Nexus as all applications send emails.

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Can any moderator move this to the IP.Board feedback?

This is a global suggestion, because all Emails send by the board missing a "Email footer" (Greetings or something else).

Would be great to have a language bit with the footer including a placeholder which insert the "board name" and/or other things from settings (maybe a new setting for the Email footer).

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Thank you, Mark.

Just another note to this feedback: I just translate the word pack "core/public_email_content" and I think that a lot of the email content must be revised to become a unified line to the emails send by IP.Board, because a lot of the content is from one to another email completly different, although the "subject/message" is almost the same.

Just a example what i mean:

Some emails start with "Hello" or "Hello," and some completly withour a "welcome", others starts with "<#NAME#>" or "<#MEMBER_NAME#>" or "<#MEMBERS_DISPLAY_NAME#>".

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