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I've been looking into it, and I am pretty sure I know where the problem is.. however, given the limitations of IPB's item marking it is proving more difficult than originally thought.

Basically what it is doing now is pulling the last X (the # set in the admin panel) topics that you've posted in, ordered by most recent at the top. From there, we loop through all of those results and compare it with the cookie values and see if it has been read or not. Problem with this is, if you've read all of the last X topics that were updated, it doesn't pull any older ones. I've been working on a few different ideas to help pull more accurate info from the database to begin with, but no luck so far. I could do it to loop until X replies have been found... but that would pull a lot more server resources (a bunch of queries) which is something I'm trying to avoid. Don't worry though, I'm not giving up ;)

As far as only having 1 reply show up, I still haven't found anything (unless the above scenario is the case with you.) Is it for all accounts, or just yours?

And finally, not showing up in hooks, each skin has a little bit different of hook points. I'm trying to find a good place, but it seems most hook points within that dropdown aren't always there. Any good suggestions? I've also thought about making it a side hook for the main page like the recent content hook or what have you. Thoughts?

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MisterPhilip, I am also experiencing the problem of only one result coming up, despite VNC showing a number of unread topics in which I have previously posted. I have upped the Limit as far as 5000 and it still hasn't brought any additional results in, aside from the most recent unread reply.

This is occurring regardless of skin, affecting the default IPB skin as well as our regular one.

I have just replaced v 1.0.2 with v 1.0.1, which brings up all the expected results, so it's definitely something within the latest version that is causing the issue.

Hope this helps. As soon as it's resolved I'll definitely be reinstalling. Very good idea.

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Require few changes on the document .pdf you provided you wrote "There are 2 setting options with this hook. You can find these options under Forum > Topics, Posts, and Polls"

change that to "There are 2 setting options with this hook. You can find these options under System > Tools & Settings > Forum > Topics, Posts, and Polls"


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