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  1. Russian Language Pack for Invision Community

    Спасибо. А платный тоже не полный перевод как этот?
  2. RSS Management Application

    nice one. thank you! can we grab the pictures somehow ?
  3. Import RSS feeds as posts

    Need a option to post rss in selected topic. Please consider
  4. RSS Management Application

    will that work with lates ipb version ?
  5. Temperatures Templates

    Thank you for support buddy! All works as supposed to work now
  6. Temperatures Templates

    Also found that can't delete the articles from main page If that is the skin issue, why same problem happens with default skin ?
  7. Temperatures Templates

    can you try to add new article ? login details sent in pm
  8. Temperatures Templates

    So. Problem remains the same. I have reimported the template-export.xml
  9. Temperatures Templates

    some users can add the artciles but most of them not. once clicking on add new article link http://mysite/?do=add&category= it results in missing page. is this also about reimport the database template xml ? I will try and come back
  10. Temperatures Templates

    Trying to edit IP.Content articles from front page, but for some reason can't. Edit on articles only works from ACP side. please help Writen reply from IPS Hello, What is the error being shown? It's possible your skin is out of date. Admin CP > Look and Feel > Manage Skin Sets and Templates > Your Skin > (Content) Global > recordForm. Is that customized? If so, I advise contacting the author of the skin for an updated version OR reverting that template. Regards, Ryan Ashbrook Tier II Technical Support Invision Power Services, Inc.
  11. Similar Topics

    Wow, I knew you can do it^ but such a propt work was surprising :smile: Thank you How does it work ? It not appearing in all topics i guess Russian encodding problem ? Also, Is this ips similar topic hook ? Not sure where it came from while ago. How I can get rid of it once your hook will work ?
  12. Similar Topics

    Yes. I want it !! :smile: When I can get it ? Cheers Please make sure Russian encoding will work properly
  13. Similar Topics

    Yes that is exacly what I was talking about. Sorry for my poor English Please see example here http://fleek.org/plagin-flying-popup-on-jquery/ Just scrol the page to the bottom I know it requires CSS changes as default ipbstylescss will cause conflict with other board skins and I did that on my site with IP.Content as test but don't have enogh time and knowelege to finish what I want ) ok ready to spent 30$ :)
  14. Similar Topics

    I'm ready to spend another 15$ if that will pop up on the scrol down of the page
  15. (DP34) Global Sidebars

    sorted. I love global side bars ! :smile: