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File Name: Viril
File Submitter: ehren.
File Submitted: 19 Jan 2011
File Updated: 29 May 2011
File Category: Dark Skins

We are glad (and proud, and everything) to announce the release of the Viril IPB skin. This is a dark skin, perfect for gaming forums but can also be used for any kind of forum really since it ships with various backgrounds that completely change the look and feel of the skin. Ready for the features?

View the skin live

Background picker
The skin ships with a nice background picker and comes with 6 backgrounds by default - 3 "manly" backgrounds (moto, cars,...) and 3 "universal" backgrounds (color spectrums, fire,...).

Tabbed hooks
All hooks (recent topics, status updates, etc.) are now inside a nice fancy AJAX box with tabs. You've got to see this live. The whole "tabbed hooks" area can also be collapsed and expanded.

Last post preview
When you hover a forum block, you can see a preview of the latest post in that forum in a nice AJAX fade-in way. You've got to see this one live as well...

Avatars in forum view
We have gently replaced forum icons for topic starters' avatars.

Viril is compatible with the latest version of all IP.Services applications: Downloads, Blog, Gallery, Content, Chat and Nexus.

And more
Many more features are included in this skin, such as our smooth "Go to top" button, our login, skin chooser and active users lightbox, completely redesigned paginations, etc.

Please also note that the skin uses our brand new Framework that will be introduced and explained in details soon. You can also deactivate and customize the features (such as the background switcher) very easily. Tutorials on how to do that will be available this week.

View the skin live

Click here to download this file
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I just purchased Viril and downloaded it from this site. The skin looks great except that it cuts off about 3/4 of the way down on my board. It just stops.

I am using Firefox 3.6.13.

If I use IE8 it completes the page, but as you mentioned on your site, a lot of the bits are missing.

I did the standard install. Imported the skin, then imported the images and linked them to the viril skin.

Output format is HTML. If I try the output format of XML, it doesn't work or even show in the drop down selector.

I tried to register on your site to post on your forums, but I kept getting an error.

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