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  1. For those that might also see this error it was due to the SVG emoticons that xenForo uses. Skip the step to convert them and the import will proceed.
  2. Thank you. I submitted a ticket through admincp on my site.
  3. I am trying to do a test import to make sure everything will work properly when I do the live site. I keep getting this error: 2V101/A IPS\convert\_Library::process: imagecreatefromstring(): Data is not in a recognized format All paths are correct. I have tried importing 2 times now and get the same result. As soon as I start the importer it errors. Image processor is ImageMagick although I also tried GD. Same result. Database is UTF8. Any ideas what is happening and how to fix it.
  4. Remove all permissions for that forum for everyone including moderators and admins. You'll see it no more after that.
  5. Drag and drop would be a great idea and a timesaver for posters. I wouldn't want the feature to upload offsite to an image host. In fact I'd rather have the ability to import any images posted from external sites.
  6. Getting the same errors on 2 different servers. Both Windows/IIS one with PHP 5.3.18 and the other with PHP 5.4. Also get an error about bad furl.
  7. Great work and support. Thanks.
  8. Couple more bugs. Setting the topic character limit doesn't work. No matter what I set it to the topic length remains the same. Does not parse gravatars. I have gravatars enabled and if a user with a gravatar is in the list you only see a white space with Firefox and a red x with IE. You can see this at http://www.adminaddict.net
  9. SQL error when trying to edit the user setting to shut it off in the user cp. Error: 1054 - Unknown column 'ddk33_bif_forums' in 'field list'
  10. There really are too many to list. I worked on it all weekend and still don't have it fully compatible with 3.3.2. The forum and blog now work, but, content, downloads and gallery still need work.
  11. Mikey if it was fully compatible with 3.3.x I would use it. This skin and redrunner IMO are still the 2 best IPB skins there are. I used both and only reason I stopped was because John sold the site and there were no updates after 3.1.2.
  12. In ipbstyles.ccs find index_stats. You'll see width: 22%; Remove it. That should fix the sidebar problem. It's a left over from the 3.1.4 skin. As I said in another thread this skin is 3.1.4 with 3.3.x code thrown in the mix. There are many places in the templates that need to have the old taken out and new put in. The logo is hard coded in the skin because the coder didn't take the time to change the 3.1.4 code, which is also still in there, to the newer code. This one example there are many more that I found.
  13. This skin and RedRunner are the best 2 skins I have used for iPB. I was hoping to see them upgraded and was excited when I saw they were. Unfortunately in the state they are in there are too many bugs and they don't work with all the apps. I look forward to an upgrade to make them fully 3.3.x compliant with all apps working as well.
  14. There are many bugs in this skin. I loved Novera and used it when I ran 3.1.x. This skin is a badly done remake of the 3.1.4 skin. Much of the 3.1.x css is left over and the new is thrown on top of it. It is still one of the better IPB designs, but, I wish better care was taken in porting it over. As it is now you have to expect to do some fixing to get it to look as good as the older version.
  15. I like the way this is going. The ability to buy the suite and content or suite and blog is the best thing that I've heard in a while. I can buy suite plus blog and convert my blog from WP. Then in the future if I want to add a forum I can buy that and plug it in. I see nothing but positive from this and will only put IPB even further ahead of competitors.
  16. This is a beautiful skin. Great work on this one. It is nice to see a designer create an elegant light skin.
  17. Disregard. I found what I was looking for. Thanks for a great system.
  18. Just purchased to add video tutorials to one of my sites. Installed and works perfectly. What I can't find at least to this point is which templates I edit to change the way the video is displayed. I want to move the description and do some other customizations. I've looked in the block templates, database templates and in the ccs skin templates and can't find what I'm looking for. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  19. I didn't know that. I have a habit of naming all my skins with IP. before the name. Like to keep things consitent.
  20. I updated the skin to fix the problem and also correct another issue. Download the new version, upload and it should be good.
  21. I can't duplicate that. I do know that is the guest prefix. It is styled in lastpostinfo, but, you have no posts so it should show at all.
  22. Yes it will work with all apps.
  23. In boardindex template at the top about 10 lines down there is a place where you can uncomment the code to make the cat headers visible for each section.
  24. You have to look in the forums-imgs folder and rename the images to your forum id's. There are 50 of them in there, but, depending on your forum structure some will need to renamed. Once you do that each image will show.
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