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authors upload a dictionary for IPS Staff?

Ocean West

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It occurred to me based on a trouble shooting ticket that many users may have a ton of 3rd party developed hooks & modules.
And when IPS staff is troubleshooting any given issue, they may come across code that is a bit well befuddling.

What the devil is class frq?

How about part of the process of adding a hook/mod to the IPS Marketplace authors also submit some structured list of variables / classes as a dictionary
so that IPS can have an internal resource at their disposal when you come across some class that is not part of IPS they know what possibly to eliminate.

If this dictionary had a the name of the class & the author and the name of the mod/hook then it can help assist troubleshooting tickets?

Or perhaps some magic parser that the IPS staff can import all MarketPlace products and build this dictionary.

Just a thought.


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While it's a noble goal you propose, we do not, in any way, support third party customizations, and as such a dictionary like the one you speak of would not only burden modders and skinners, it would be useless. We don't really *care* what class frq is. So long as it is not core IP.Board code, it's something we do not support.

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