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One Week In


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Just dropping by, and giving an update after a week in the system.

No doubt that when you first jump into bed with IP. that (for me it was and is) a little confusing, having grown up on a died and fed VB as an internet child, taking to a new custom was like talking a new language.

And it was only in accident that I found IP. , but what a happy one that was, and as yet i really do not understand all of the working and am still confused by many parts of the system (and would love an all in guide i could sit and read), but slowly one module at a time the jigsaw puzzle that is IP.Suite is starting to look like a picture.

Very impressed so far, and happy with not only the IP boards and additional plug ins / modules that make up the suite, but the team and the people and seem very nice as well, hats off to you all.


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It's a shock to the system - especially trying to figure out how to do things (that were second nature in vB) - but you do get used to it and don't forget to make use of the search facility in the Admin Control Panel - over there, on the right - it's saved me hours of hunting around for settings.

Also the support is great - not only from IPS but from other Admin's / regulars too. I've learned no end of stuff from poking and prodding and asking in here. :thumbsup:

There are still things I wish IPB had / did, and TBH I still haven't made full use of all the "extras" because I got bogged down with optimising my server - but with the coming updates I'm sure some of those "things" will appear or be doable, and at least the team here are willing to listen and take ideas and suggestions on board.

Good luck.

Shaun :D

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