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Download: Infinite (customizable color skin)


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File Name: Infinite (customizable color skin)
File Submitter: ehren.
File Submitted: 28 Nov 2010
File Updated: 23 Mar 2011
File Category: Light Skins

Infinite is a skin designed with a customizable interface in mind. The colors can be modified by each member using a jQuery based color-picker, allowing them to create a design that suits themselves.Infinite can be customized in 16,777,216 different ways - all for the price of one skin.


Skin features

16,777,216 color combinations: Your members can create their own color scheme by customizing the skin using the color picker. Their choice is saved via cookies ready for their next visit!



Avatars for post icons: Avatars are used as post icons instead of the regular "new post"/"no new post" icons. The avatars are faded in opacity if there are no new posts.



jQuery Login: As a guest, clicking the "Sign In" link animates a quick login form. Give it a try on the demo board!


The skin is compatible with the latest release of IP.Board as well as the Blogs, Gallery, Downloads Manager, Chat and Nexus.

Click here to download this file

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