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Feature Request: Simple calendar event registration system


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I posted this in Modifications Requests but it may be more fitted here. (http://community.inv...strtion-system/) sorry for the double post

I would really really like to have a simple event registration system added to the calendar.

- admin creates an event in the calendar
- admin tags the event as registrable
- members can register to event by clicking a register for event button on the calendar event
- admins can pull a list of members names/emails who registered for event (text or csv/xcel). Only admins can see who is registered/number

Future versions could include a simple Paypal link where paypal email is needed and price of event.

I am thinking about the sql code that would be needed for this and it is relatively simple. A new table with member id, an event id, a registered flag 0/1. I will be willing to pay for this modification and will then give the code back to IPB to integrate if they chose to. A hook would be great but I can see this as a basic functionality as it can then be used for events, meetings, gatherings etc...

Unless there is already a solution for this and I missed it

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Yes of course only admins should be able to view the list of registered members for events. This can be used for gaming sites, guilds, event websites etc... there HAS to be a lot of potential being able to register/unregister for events via the calendar.

Who wants to tackle this, I have a budget and Christmas is coming soon :)

EDIT: here is how I see registration.

Whithin the post itself you get a line that says: 'Click here to register for this even' if you have not registered for the event.
If you have registered the link becomes 'Click here to unregister from this event'

When you click one of those links the page reloads or it goes to a bridge that updates the database and either removed you or adds you to the event.

Future version could also have a link or field next to the "register for the event" link and have a field for how many guests you are going to bring.I would use ajax actually instead of having to go to a page, maybe one of those fake popups that obscure the page

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I am using the Calebdar Topics application. I don't seem to be able to locate it here anymore but you can find it here
As a temp solution, it works fine for me. It creates a thread in an assigned forum where members can add a post to say they are coming. Not as automated as I would like it, but it is an okay workaround, whilst we wait for something.

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