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File Name: Velvet
File Submitter: ehren.
File Submitted: 14 Nov 2010
File Updated: 02 Dec 2011
File Category: Professional Skins

Velvet by Skinbox

Velvet is a clean, professional looking skin for any type of community. It comes with a color scheme selector, allowing your members to choose from either blue, green or red (and it's obviously possible to add your own, if desired). :)

Click here to download this file

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How can I put the search into the top usernav area? I too have too many categories. Love the skin though.

You have to move the searchbar code


<div id='search'> {parse template="quickSearch" group="global" params=""} </div> <!-- Search Ends -->

	<!-- Search Starts -->

and place it before

		<div id='ipbheader'>

in global template

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