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Download: (SOS32) Hook Settings in Manage Hooks

Adriano Faria

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Thanks Adriano, works perfect on 3.1.4 :thumbsup: can't tell you how many times I have searched the ACP for the "hook settings" :whistle:

For the user that it "its not working"
Try clicking on the "Reimport application hooks" button
And also remember that not all hooks have "settings" so it won't show for those hooks

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I have no doubt that this code works. But I have a question. I haven't changed my the file at all, and when I do a find for your first code string, it comes up with nothing. When I look at the code you have there, you have a few things that say something like this:


should it be this?


In other words, where you have the


, should I change it to



Any help you can give me in this would be great. Thank you.

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The only edit in admin/applications/core/skin_cp/cp_skin_applications.php is:

	if( $r['settingGroups'] )


   	 $HTML .= <<<EOF

   		 <li class='icon password'><a href='{$this->settings['base_url']}&app=core&module=settings&section=settings&do=setting_view&conf_group={$r['settingGroups']}'>Hook Settings</a></li>



For some reason, it's showing right on HTML instructions but when you copy and past, it brings with error, and when you click on Hook Settings link, you're redirected to the Admin CP index.

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