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Change Display of the Title Tag


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I would like for there to be a way to change the ending title tag, example, my forum discusses the Paranormal.
I have a forum or category that is titled Cryptozoology. Consider a thread inside of that might be called: Bigfoot Ate my Kid (Bad Parenting skills - I know! HAHA) & Instead of it showing as Bigfoot Ate my Kid - Abnormal Insight , I feel it would be better shown as : Bigfoot Ate my Kid - Cryptozoology. I hope this explains what I feel would be best.

That gets more of your important keywords into the title. This is very important in SEO. Is there a current method that I could use to allow this?

In addition I would like to see something similar to vBSEOs relevant replacements. Essentially a few code tags that easily prints out the last 30 or so words of the main content. Post Title...etc and prints this on top of the topic page.

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Yes, we are interested in SEO. No, that doesn't mean we'll necessarily change the page title as soon as someone suggests it. :)

At least consider allowing the title to have a hook or create a hook for us to be able to manually change the displayed Title (branding website title) for each new category or forum we create.
That would help in SEO. I should know. I helped Juan back in the early days of vBSEO. I was one of the prerelease team members back when it first started.

There were a lot of discussions about how to make vBSEO better.
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Agreed. This would be nice. If there's a simple way to do it, can you provide a link? I've been looking around and I can't find it. 

Example: Home Page Title Tag  = "Forums - [Name of site]" 

What I would really like it to be is [Name of Site]

Then when I look at each of my Topics they = - [Forum Name] - [Site Name]

What I would LOVE for them to be is = - [Forum Name]

Any help with this or a plugin to help with this? I"m running a host IPS Suit 4.x Thanks!


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