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  1. I would be using the Q&A Forum type more often however, it's greatly flawed because it lacks the ability to have a conversation around the Question and each answer. Comments are needed. More detail: Currently you can only post Answers to a Q&A topic. This is a problem when people want to get more information about the question. Do do this, they will need to post a comment or two and have a mini conversation before posting an Answer. This is normally done on other sites (Stackoverflow etc..). For example: The issue if not being able to comment on a topic is the full discussion is lost with a bunch of "answers" and it makes the entire thing a mess. SO, here's the feature request: 1 - Allow ability to post multiple comments on the original Question/Post 2 - Allow ability to post multiple comments on each answer 3 - Allow Author/Moderator/Board Setting to enable/disable comments at the Topic/Forum/Category Level 4 - Provide ability for the moderator to promote a comment to an answer and marked best answer. Here's another example of helpful comments being used vs. posting answers to have a conversation:
  2. Never mind. All good. I figured it out....
  3. Hello -- I'm running Version 4.6.2 and I can't find this feature anywhere. Has it been enabled anywhere? I've looked everywhere but must have obviously missed it... Thnx
  4. Hello, I'm looking to download the plugin for IPS4 however it appears to no longer be online here in the Marketplace. Can you PM me where I can download it? Thank you @CleanTalk
  5. Hello! I recently upgraded to take advantage of all the security updates so I'm now running V4.4.10. Can you update the plugin to support the latest versions? Thanks! -Steve Actually scratch that. I just updated to Version 1.0.2 and it's working again. Things broke during the upgrade and I added the plugin again and all is good. THnx!
  6. If you take a look at any of the Q&A sites, the ability to COMMENT on a question or answer is critical. Otherwise, you are trying to clarify a question using an Answer and they respond with another answer. Next thing you know, you have a bunch of answers which are just a discussion. It's garbage... So, if you take a look at the Q&A site over at StackOverflow, you can see what I mean. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/111102/how-do-javascript-closures-work?rq=1 Notice there are: Questions Comments Answers Please add this to IPBoard's Q&A site. If you added this feature, you would be a great competitor to the StackExchange network! Thanks, Steve
  7. Agreed. This would be nice. If there's a simple way to do it, can you provide a link? I've been looking around and I can't find it. Example: Home Page Title Tag = "Forums - [Name of site]" What I would really like it to be is [Name of Site] Then when I look at each of my Topics they = - [Forum Name] - [Site Name] What I would LOVE for them to be is = - [Forum Name] Any help with this or a plugin to help with this? I"m running a host IPS Suit 4.x Thanks!
  8. Never mind... Found it in user groups... https://www.invisionpower.com/clientarea/index.php?app=nexus&module=support&section=redirect&url=https%3A%2F%2Finvisionpower.com%2F4guides%2Fsuite-applications%2Fblog%2Fsetting-up-and-permissions-r218%2F&key=8f1bd3392a1d17a6420a6e2a6a4099a40a23c3df&resource=
  9. I'm running a hosted IPBoard version v4.1.13.2 -- I would like to enable the blogs module however I want to limit WHO can create a blog to ADMIN and MOD's. I don't want general members creating blogs. I then want everyone including visitors to be able to read the blogs and members comment access. Can't figure it out.... I can see perms on who can access the blogs and see the menu item but at the granular level I want. This to me is fairly basic functionality. Am I just missing something? Thanks!
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