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Q&A Forum Type needs comment option


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I would be using the Q&A Forum type more often however, it's greatly flawed because it lacks the ability to have a conversation around the Question and each answer. Comments are needed.

More detail:

Currently you can only post Answers to a Q&A topic. This is a problem when people want to get more information about the question.  Do do this, they will need to post a comment or two and have a mini conversation before posting an Answer. This is normally done on other sites (Stackoverflow etc..).


For example: 



The issue if not being able to comment on a topic is the full discussion is lost with a bunch of "answers" and it makes the entire thing a mess. 

SO, here's the feature request:

1 - Allow ability to post multiple comments on the original Question/Post

2 - Allow ability to post multiple comments on each answer

3 - Allow Author/Moderator/Board Setting to enable/disable comments at the Topic/Forum/Category Level

4 - Provide ability for the moderator to promote a comment to an answer and marked best answer.

Here's another example of helpful comments being used vs. posting answers to have a conversation:



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