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Man my favicon is pretty crappy because it was hard to make anything that looked decent.

Sorry missed this part.

I used a favicon generator such as




You can import an image as well if you wish or make blocks to form letters.
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I used one also, but I simply had it have the initials of my site name and they look all choppy. Really all favicons look that way i suppose, but I could surely do something a bit better.

I'm probably about to make a new site and scrap one or noth of my current ones due to no activity, so will be trying to think of a new favicon idea too. And hopefully can think of a new skin! I've never found even a paid skin I liked for any IPB version. I liked a few free ones for 2.x, but so far nothing for 3.x that I like much. I'm picky and sure not a good skinner myself.

I love the skin someone made me for one of my sites, but it's a 2.3 one and he disappeared so I can't update it. lol

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